Spatial tumor:Treg interaction predicts poor survival in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer accepted to Lung Cancer journal

Our paper on using the spatial G-function to quantify tumor:immune interactions in multiplexed Immunofluorescence images from Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer patients has been accepted to Lung Cancer! [Paper link] We made two contributions in this paper: 1) Repurposed the G-function used in ecology to study predator-prey relationships for studying tumor-immune cell interactions in NSCLC, and 2) That a simple area under the curve (AUC) metric derived from the G-function representing tumor cell- regulatory T cell interaction correlates with poor outcome for patients, independently of clinical variables that doctors currently use! (such as age, smoking history, number of positive lymph nodes, size of tumor etc.)

Since the G-function is a unique signature of immune infiltration, my hope is that doctors will now incorporate our fast and easy-to-use algorithm in clinical practice!